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Vigilantism Resurrected

Anthropological Explorations of Violent Transfigurations of State, Crime and Politics across Contexts May 20-22, 2021 Keynote Speech by Prof Jean Comaroff (Harvard University) Across the globe, we are witnessing collective dissent against police violence and (abusive) state practices alongside a resurrection of vigilante activities, that is citizens’ attempts to take law into their own hands to punish alleged criminals. While the perceived targets of these vigilante endeavours vary in different contexts – ranging from communities who are deemed illegal to those who are considered immoral-indecent and from those who slaughter cattle to elected members of parliaments – vigilante groups, by…

Inaugural Seminar

Towards an Anthropology of Crime and Criminalisation May 07th, 2021 03:30 PM CEST time (please check your current timezone here) This is the inaugural online event of the EASA network on the anthropology of crime and criminalisation, AnthroCrime. During this event, we will briefly introduce the network and discuss the past, present and future of the anthropology of crime and criminalisation. Co-Convener Welcome Note: Martijn Oosterbaan (Utrecht University), Davide Casciano (University of Bologna) and Lene Swetzer (Graduate Institute of Geneva). Keynote: Henrik Erdman Vigh Professor, Head of the PhD Programme in Anthropology, Institut for Antropologi, University of Copenhagen. PI of…