Welcome to AnthroCrime EASA network!

We are happy to announce that the Anthropology of Crime and Criminalisation (AnthroCrime) network has been officially accepted within the European Association of Social Anthropologists! We would like to kindly invite you to formalise your membership by subscribing to our mailing list

In addition to the EASA-website, we established this official homepage (on https://www.anthrocrime.net) where we share, and encourage members to share information on network activities, or relevant to our members, including:

  • Events (workshops, seminars, reading groups, book launches, etc.). 
  • Materials for Teaching AnthroCrime (literature, syllabus, etc.)
  • Articles (to be shared on our website, with or without references to publications in peer-reviewed journals)
  • Publications references
  • Links to other networks, research groups, etc., and more!

If you wish to add your publications and/or links on our website; post or organise an event (we plan to run online seminars throughout the year); upload your teaching material on our website; write or share your articles on our website; or more generally would like to join the team and actively help us organise this network, please fill in the appropriate forms available on the different sections.

Besides the mailing list, we invite you to also follow AnthroCrime on Facebook and Twitter

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

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Your co-convening team, Davide Casciano, Martijn Oosterbaan & Lene Swetzer

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